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Revitalize an outdated or undecorated outdoor space using traditional landscaping options! Some of the more recognizable elements of a traditional landscape include the use of geometric shapes, the creation of symmetry, and the inclusion of repeated patterns.


A common example of traditional landscaping is a knot garden. These gardens consist of boxwood shrubs groomed to mimic the design of the ancient symbol of the Celtic knot. You can customize your traditional landscape with a water feature or a retaining wall!

Redesign your yard with traditional landscaping options

If you're looking to break with tradition, Ryzan Sun Landscaping still has a variety of options to suit your needs! Delve into the various plants that comprise a desert garden, or explore the complex arrangements and stonework of a western garden - your options are nearly endless!


At Ryzan Sun Landscaping, our team believes that your landscaping's success rests on 5 guiding principles - plan, function, form, balance, and architecture. Our team will use these tenets as the cornerstones of each and every job we perform - call us today to learn more!

Explore an array of different landscaping styles

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