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Desert landscape

Does the term "desert garden" sound like an oxymoron? Well, it isn't! Beautiful gardens can and do exist in desert environments, and many of these gardens feature an incredible array of vibrant plant life and extravagant foliage! Ryzan Sun Landscaping can help you create a gorgeous, non-traditional desert garden using these hardy and visually pleasing plants!


The experienced team at Ryzan Sun Landscaping has the knowledge and planning capabilities to successfully plan and install your desert landscape! And, with the iconic Southwest serving as your backdrop, desertscaping is the perfect garden solution for your home!

Create an outdoor paradise using unique desertscape stylings

Revitalize your outdoor spaces using a lively, functional desert garden! These gardens are low-maintenance and require little water, provided that you make educated, sound choices on your plants and hardscapes - Ryzan Sun Landscaping can guide you through this process!


With 20 years' experience in the landscaping field, Ryzan Sun Landscaping can turn your landscaping dreams into a reality by offering a full-service design-build landscaping. Contact us for details, or explore other quality landscape options, including contemporary styles!

Build a beautiful, low-maintenance desert garden

Put our 20 years' experience to work for you - call us today!


Ryzan Sun Landscaping can customize your desertscape or desert garden with a water feature or retaining wall!